Make an Impact with Your Food Startup

Sapling is a digital marketing consultancy for food brands that put people and the planet ahead of profit.

We’re all about no-nonsense, practical and actionable advice that will actually help your business grow and make a real impact.

We believe that marketing is all about aligning your brand with your target customer’s needs and desires. There’s no place for sleazy tactics, empty promises or vanity metrics round here.

Partner with us to find your tribe, build your business and learn the skills you need to succeed.

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A Two-Pronged Approach to Business Growth

Build a deeper connection with your audience. Communicate with them in ways that will resonate. Convert them from casual bystanders to full-fledged fans.

1-1 Digital Marketing Strategy

Thrive online.
Work with us one-on-one, both online and in person. We’ll help you grok the fundamentals of digital marketing and set you on the right path with a tailored strategy.

Education & Training

Build your digital skills.
Learn the skills you need to succeed with expert-led training. Bring us in for personalised education, join group workshops or learn online at your own pace.

Get a Deeper Understanding of Your Target Customer

Without a deep understanding of your target customer your marketing messages won’t resonate or deliver the results you’re looking for. You have to know who you’re talking to and what they really care about.

Find your tribe and turn casual browsers into devoted fans with this intensive remote mentoring session.

Learn more about the Find My Tribe package and book online instantly.

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Find Your Tribe

£350incl. VAT

  • Tailored help and advice
  • Data-driven Audience Personas
  • Personalised written report
  • Practical action steps
  • Accountability via follow up emails
  • Just 2 hours of your time
  • Dial in from anywhere
  • Copy of the recording

Office Hours

£50incl. VAT

  • Your questions, answered
  • Tailored help and advice
  • Personalised written report
  • Practical action steps
  • Accountability
  • Just 1 hour of your time
  • Dial in from anywhere
  • Copy of the recording

Get Unstuck So Your Business Can Thrive

Not sure where to start when it comes to social media, email marketing or creating compelling content? Are you working things out as you go but have something blocking your progress?

Don’t suffer in silence. Help is out there. You just have to ask. Our Office Hours package gets you answers to your most pressing questions, fast!

Get unstuck so you can start reaching more people, making more sales and make a difference.

Book an Office Hours session to get your questions answered.

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  • “The whole process was fantastic. Timelines were met. Communication was great. I always knew of the project’s status. Guy went above and beyond to provide ideas and make suggestions to achieve the goal, rather than just meet the brief. I would highly recommend Guy and the Sapling team!”
    Sarah Nolet, Founder of AgThentic

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A Blueprint for Effective Digital Marketing

Blindly applying the latest digital marketing tactics to see what sticks won’t get you anywhere. To succeed you need a clear, documented, practical and actionable digital strategy.

We’ve developed a six-part system for tackling a range of digital marketing challenges.

1. Objective 2. Audience 3. Offer
4. Creative 5. Channels 6. Data

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The Food Rush – inspiring healthy, ethical and planet-friendly food choices to fit your busy lifestyle.

Your Very Own Distribution Platform

Reach an audience that care about food, environmental and social causes. The Food Rush readers are hungry to hear about you. We’ve built an engaging editorial platform to showcase the best brands doing good in the world of food.

The Food Rush is all about food that’s good for people and good for the planet. We publish fresh, original content every week and partner with brands in all sorts of interesting ways.

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  • “My experience with The Food Rush most certainly met my expectations. The collaboration ran seamlessly and The Food Rush Team were extremely helpful creating high quality imagery and coordinating the closure of the competition. Our collaboration was very successful, it had thousands of entries and increased both of our social followings significantly.”
    Anna Brightman, Co-founder of Optiat

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Our Partners

We work with brands and businesses across the food and beverage industry from the UK and Europe to as far afield as Australia.

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