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001 – Building a Thriving Food Business with Jason Gibb from Bread & Jam

The entrepreneurial journey is tough and lonely. In this episode you'll learn from an industry veteran who has been there, had success, sold his business and started all over again. Jason Gibb has built a thriving support community for food entrepreneurs which consists of a private Facebook group, monthly meetings and annual conference. Jason shares some incredibly honest, down to earth - almost blunt - advice about the challenges of running a food business. This episode - the first of many - really sets the tone!

000 – The Good Foodies Podcast Trailer

Find out what's in store for the Good Foodies podcast. This is the show all about people, brands and businesses doing good in the world of food. Learn from heroes of the food industry about what it takes to build a thriving business; one that puts people and the planet ahead of profit.