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013 – Steady Growth and Rescuing Surplus Fruit & Veg with Oddbox

Deepak and Emilie from Oddbox are classic bootstrapping entrepreneurs. They launched Oddbox, a wonky fruit and veg box scheme, in a small corner of South West London in 2016. Since then they've grown their supply chain, team and delivery area in a slow and methodical way. Hear stories about their early experiences and the "what are we doing?" moments and how their mission of being a zero waste social enterprise helped them power through.

012 – From Edible Insects to Blockchain Technology with Neil Whippey from Eat Grub

Eat Grub produce a range of healthy, sustainable protein bars made with insects along side a range of flavoured insect snacks. They were one of the first to enter the UK market with insect products and have recently expanded further afield to Finland. In addition to hearing their fascinating food startup story, we also talk tech in this episode. Hear how Neil's interest in blockchain technology collided with the mundane world of barcodes and how they're looking at leveraging this tech to track their growing international sales.

010 – Branding That Gets Your Products Flying Off The Shelves with Tessa Stuart

Branding is more than your logo, fonts and colours. It's all about emotion and personality and the feelings you want your consumers to experience and associate with your products. In this episode we're joined by branding and market research expert, Tessa Stuart. She's full of examples and no-nonsense advice that will help you understand your customers and get your products flying off the shelves.

008 – Going Plant Based and Running Creative Campaigns with Tessa Tricks from Hubbub

Hubbub are an environmental charity working across food, fashion, homes and neighbourhoods. They do amazing work and run some incredibly creative campaigns that make a real impact. Learn about their latest campaign designed to encourage male gym goers to go plant based and cut their meat consumption. You'll also hear Tessa's top tips for running a creative marketing campaign. Listen now!

006 – The Collaborative Economy and Food Innovation Hub with Alessio d’Antino from Crowdfooding

Collaboration can unlock a huge amount of potential for food brands. From events to competitions and giveaways to sharing knowledge or resources. In today's bitesized episode we talk to Alessio d'Antino about how they're building a collaborative community of food entrepreneurs and arming them with skills to boost their sales and connect with corporate partners. There's some real gold in here!

005 – Waste Not Want Not: Creating a Zero Waste Wine Bar with Kiki Evans From Unwined in Tooting

Wine is often considered snooty and elitist. But not at Unwined in Tooting. This relaxed and down to earth wine bar, nestled in a corner of Tooting Market is giving wine a new image. They serve amazing wines from producers you've likely never heard of. They are committed to telling their stories and dedicated to reducing their environmental impact. They're striving to go zero waste - both from a wine and food perspective. Have a listen to this bitesized interview with Kiki Evans.

004 – Cash Back for Food Innovation with Sue Nelson from Breakthrough Funding and The Food Talk Show

Would you like to get money back from the government for being an innovative food business? I'm sure you would! Tune in to today's bitesized episode with Sue Nelson from Breakthrough Funding. They're passionate about innovation and small business and can help you get money back for all your research and development work. Food is a big theme of the episode too as Sue and I are also presenters of The FoodTalk Show podcast. We talk all things food, drink and business. Have a listen now!