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028 – Building Your Food Brand’s Dream Team with Pippa Murray from Pip & Nut

Pippa Murray has taken the spreads category by storm. From humble beginnings (in a garden shed) she's grown the business and built a brand that people love. Pip would be the first to say that she didn't do all this alone and over the years she's built a dream team that are taking the business to new levels of success. Tune in to learn how Pip built her brand from the kitchen table in to retailers up and down the country.

027- A More Mindful Approach to Business and Snacking with Stephanie Peritore from Mindful Bites

We’re getting deep and meaningful in this episode of Good Foodies. Stephanie Peritore grew up in Sicily and has always felt a connection with food and the land it comes from. After a successful career in finance she embraced her passion for food and launched Mindful Bites, a healthy snack brand that champions Mindful Eating. This way of connecting with food encompasses the techniques of present awareness, and intentional eating. Tune in to discover a different side of food, eating and business.

026 – Discover a World of Flavour and Craft Your Brand Story with Simon Day from Unearthed

Food, travel and making a positive difference in the world are personal interests of Simon Day, the founder and brand manager of Unearthed. Simon recounts stories from his childhood which had a huge influence on building the Unearthed brand. In addition to bringing hundreds of ingredients and products from around the world to the UK market, Unearthed are making a huge impact through hundreds of thousands of tiny donations to Action Against Hunger. They’re an innovative brand doing amazing things and there’s so much to learn from in this episode.

025 – The Power of eCommerce to Grow Your Food Business with Guy Routledge and Kylie Ackers

We've heard time and again from guests on this show about the importance of sales and distribution when it comes to building your food business. While the dream of being stocked on supermarket shelves is a powerful one, there are other winning sales strategies to tap into – especially when first starting out. eCommerce used to have a high barrier to entry but is now more accessible than ever. In this solo episode Kylie and Guy discuss some of the pros and cons, who should and should not sell online and bust some myths about common objections to starting your own online shop.

024 – Giving Artisan Produce a New Lease of Life with Sophie Andre from Elysia Catering

Elysia Catering are a catering company with sustainability at their core. Listen to founder Sophie Andre explain how they make high quality food affordable by turning surplus artisan products and ingredients into mouthwatering breakfast and canapes for events. You’ll not only learn how Elysia Catering saving tonnes of artisan food from going to waste, but how they’re saving the planet too. All their transportation is done by bicycle around the city of London, reducing CO2 emissions. Saving food waste and reducing their negative impact on the planet? That’s exactly the kind of thing we’re all about!

023 – The Secret Ingredients for Selling with Marcus Carter from The Artisan Food Club

When starting an artisan food business you might think to start with the product and then work out how to get it to market. Marcus Carter from the Artisan Food Club says that's backwards thinking. He suggests starting with a plan for sales and distribution and only THEN working on the product if the business has legs. In this episode you'll get a chance to hear about the food industry from a very different viewpoint, how to reduce risk when selling to independent stores, how to use social media to drive traffic to physical stores and much, much more. We’ve also got a handy resource of the week to help you keep track of all your sales and marketing efforts so you can focus on building your business.

021 – Putting British Honey on the Map with Emily Abbott from Hive & Keeper

Did you know that only 7% of honey consumed in the UK is from British bees? It's a crazy stat and Hive & Keeper are on a mission to change it. They're a social enterprise that aim to support British beekeepers, pay them a fair price and bring a diverse range of great tasting products to honey lovers across the country. Tune in to learn some fascinating facts about honey, bees, beekeeping and building a social enterprise.

020 – The 3 P’s of Good Food Business with Paul Hargreaves from Cotswold Fayre

Many food startups have humble beginnings – a pub, a garage, perhaps a spare room. Today's guest is no different. Paul Hargreaves started Cotswold Fayre in his spare bedroom 20 years ago. Now, they are one of the most established wholesalers of speciality food in the UK. Learn how the industry has changed over the years, the 3 P's of doing good and how Cotswold Fayre are helping food producers with two of the biggest problems in business.

019 – Setting a Big Vision and Solving Big Problems with Hugh Thomas from Ugly Drinks

Ugly are a soft drinks brand creating a Positive Rebellion. Their soft drinks are free from sugar and contain nothing artificial. They're taking the drinks industry by storm and dedicated to uncovering Ugly Truths in the world. From tackling health and obesity to ending gender inequality, Ugly are on a mission to do good both here in the UK and further afield. Tune in to learn how co-founders Hugh and Joe turned an idea into a big reality and how you can too.