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043 – How to Become a No. 1 Best Selling Food Product on Amazon with Stewart Woolston from Chilli Mash Co.

How would you like to get your products in front of 300 millions active users? Amazon is the world’s biggest online store and today we’re talking about how to get started selling on Amazon. Our guest is Stewart Woolston from the Chilli Mash Company. They sell a range of chilli sauces and vegan products on a range of different platforms but they because a number 1 best seller in their category on Amazon at Christmas 2017. Who better to talk to about getting started with selling on Amazon?

042 – How to Crowdfund Your Food Startup with Scott Simpkin from Seedrs

Crowdfunding is a hugely popular way to raise money for your business. But where do you start? What does a successful campaign look like and what are investors looking for? To find the answers we’ve gone straight to the source. Scott Simpkin is a specialist in funding for food and beverage businesses at Seedrs. He’s a two-time entrepreneur in the food tech space and has a passion for food and brands with purpose. Tune in to learn how to crowdfund your business and achieve your goals in 2019.

040 – Using Stories to Build a Brand Before You Launch with Charlie Bowker from Native Snacks

Native Snacks are a new brand with some exciting stories to tell. Co-founders Charlie and Darcy have been travelling the world to bring their tribe perfectly natural, new and exciting plant-based snacks. Their first stop was India where source and manufacture a range of popped lotus seeds – a bit like popcorn, but with an interesting twist. In addition to overcoming the challenges of sourcing and manufacturing overseas, the Native Snacks team believe in food for good. They work with the farmers who grow and harvest their lotus seeds to make sure they get something back from the people who snack on them. What’s most impressive about this new challenger brand? They haven’t even launched yet! But they’re using the power of storytelling to build a brand and become known so they can launch with a bang and make an impact. Whether you’ve launched your brand or not, this episode is full of great tips and advice that you won’t want to miss!

039 – Building Community with OLIO the Neighbour to Neighbour Food Sharing App with Saasha Celestial-One

Food waste is one of the biggest issues we may see solved in our lifetime. Food waste occurs in a number of stages of the food chain – from the farm gate, all the way to our homes – but our homes are one of the biggest sources of wasted food. OLIO is a neighbour-to-neighbour food sharing app that reduces food waste and build community. Learn how they’ve grown from a tiny proof of concept in north London, raised over $6 million and expanded into 32 countries in just 3 years.

038 – Finding Your Tribe: How to Get to Know Your Target Customer

In this solo episode we’re talking all about your audience, your customers and how to get a really clear picture of them so you can best serve them. This is something so fundamental to your business because it shapes so much about what you do and how you do it. In this episode you’ll learn what a target customer is (and isn’t), how to find them and how to create a fictional representation of them using real data that you probably already have access to.

037 – Flexible, Compostable Packaging to Fight Against Plastic with Avishag Seligman from TIPA

Plastic is a huge issue, particularly when it comes to single use plastics. Our oceans and landfill sites are full of plastic and it wreaks havoc on the environment and wildlife. Surprisingly, plastic was invented as a solution to another terrible problem. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? Tune in to this episode of Good Foodies to discover a compostable, flexible packaging which is plastic free and has the potential to revolutionise the industry without the need for massive changes to consumer behaviour. If you need all sorts of packaging and business support solutions for your food startup, you’ll definitely want to keep listening for our resource of the week too.

036 – Buy One Give One with Mary Lynch from Onist Food

Mary Lynch is a registered nutritionist and passionate about good honest food. She used to work with Jamie Oliver’s and during her time working with him she was inspired to start her own social enterprise. Onist make vegan avocado choc pots in a range of flavours. For every pot sold, Onist give a meal to a child in Gambia. Tune in to this bitesize episode to hear Mary’s inspiring story and pick up some health and nutrition tips too!

035 – Raising 10 Million to Fix the Food Supply Chain with Ben Pugh from Farmdrop

According to Ben Pugh from Farmdrop, the food system is completely broken. Farmdrop have just raised £10M to fix it with their unique combination of mobile technology, marketing personalisation and a focus on quality, ethical and sustainable products. Tune in to hear how Farmdrop has changed over the years and how they have raised money in all sorts of interesting ways. We’ve also got a classic book as our Resource of the Week which will help you test your ideas and gather valuable feedback from customers.

034 – A Triple Win in the Fight Against Food Waste with Jamie Crummie from Too Good To Go

Food waste is a huge issue and the UK food industry wastes 1.9 million tonnes of food every year. It’s a similar story in consumers’ homes up and down the country. Too Good To Go are fighting food waste with a mobile app and marketplace that connects food vendors with hungry consumers. The concept is simple but there’s so much to learn from how the TGTG team have approached the whole experience. Tune in to hear how co-founder Jamie Crummie and his team taught themselves code to cobble together the first version of their app and how they now across Europe and have saved millions of meals from going to waste. If you’re keen to learn to some coding skills to help you in your business, stick around for this week’s resource of the week. You could even join Guy at one of his Coding for Beginners classes!