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053 – How to Hire a Team When You (Think You) Can’t Afford To With Guy Routledge and Kylie Ackers

How do you get more things done in your business? Hire someone to help! But how do you hire when money is tight? Hmmm. That’s a slightly trickier one. Even if you think you can’t afford to hire, you can’t afford not to. There’s so much to be done and you can’t do it all. (It’s also no fun doing everything yourself and without anyone to share the journey with!) We know how hard it can be to bring on your first team members because we’ve been there too. But, as regular listeners might expect, we’ve come up with a system and a process and share all our tips for hiring affordably in this episode.

052 – Markets to Manufacture to Mental Health Champions with Charlie Claydon from The Well Bean Co.

Two topics you’d rarely see together are chocolate and mental health. But today we’re talking to Charlie Claydon from the Well Bean Company and that’s exactly what’s on the menu. Charlie has a history of mental health challenges and set out to create a brand that makes a difference. In just three years he’s scaled the business up from very humble beginnings and now has his own manufacturing space (yes, his name Charlie and he has a Chocolate Factory!). This rapid growth is all in service of a mission to become mental wellbeing champions and bring about positive change through the chocolate they make. It’s a hugely inspiring story and such an important topic to spread the word about.

051 – Making Small Food & Drink Brands Mighty with Chris Green from Young Foodies

How do you scale a food business? Chris Green from Young Foodies has a background in FMCG operations and has a passion for making small brands mighty. If you have big plans to scale your startup into retail this is the episode for you. Operations, systems, and processes are not usually considered the sexy side of running a business. But they’re critical. Without the right systems in place scaling up is almost impossible and – and I like to say – you can end upscaling “a bucket of holes”. Young Foodies have created a thriving community and suite of business tools and services designed to help food brands become mighty and you’ll hear all about them in this great interview.

050 – The 3-Step Process for Starting ANYTHING with Kylie Ackers and Guy Routledge

The number one question we get asked is “how do I start?”. When tackling anything new in your business it can be really challenging to know what to do – particularly if you’ve never done it before. When there’s so many options or directions you could go in, what do you do? There’s lots of advice out there like “just start” but in our opinion, that’s bad advice. Instead, our approach is a simple 3-step process. Whether you’re planning a road trip or a new social media strategy, these three steps will help you take action and get off the starting line and away from “blank page syndrome”. Tune in for this special bonus episode and never struggle with starting again. PS. Happy Valentine's day!

049 – How to Take Better Photos to Show Off Your Products with Tom Waller from Food Envy Photography

High-quality images and video are a must-have to help your brand stand out and the good news is you don’t need a lot of money or fancy equipment to create stunning images these days. Tom’s got loads of tips to share about how to get the most out of your photos, how to plan a shoot for success and the importance of storytelling through visual mediums. We’ve also compiled a list of some of our favourite tools and equipment to help you up your photo and video game. Whether you want to hire a professional or take a DIY approach, there’s some great tips and advice waiting for you in this episode.

048 – Creating a Consumer Focused, Data-Driven Food Business with Anthony Fletcher from Graze

What started as the foodies answer to mail order DVD rental is now an eCommerce and retail giant. Graze are challenging the negative perceptions around snacking and have created an incredible brand and range of products. But it wasn’t always an easy ride. In this episode, you’ll hear from Graze CEO, Anthony Fletcher about their bumpy start as well as their successes. We’re huge proponents of selling online and using data and performance marketing to understand and engage with your customers and this is echoed by Anthony. Graze’s whole business embraces technology – from manufacturing to product development to customer feedback. There’s so many nuggets of wisdom in this episode and if you want to build a brand that people love, this is definitely worth a listen.

047 – The Importance of Putting the Customer First with Guy Routledge and Kylie Ackers

In this bonus episode, we’re talking about the importance of putting your customer first in everything you do. This is something you’ve probably heard about before – it’s definitely something we talk about a lot on the podcast and it’s something that’s a core pillar of our training programmes. In this episode, you’ll learn what it means to put the customer first, how to make your content and social media activities more interesting and relevant to your customers, and three tips for how to know you’re doing it right.

046 – Inspiring a New Direction for the Global Business of Food with Author and Speaker Sharon Natoli

What does the future of food look like? How can brands keep up with changing consumer consciousness and build a food system that’s based on strong physical, social, environmental and cultural values? That’s the topic of today’s show with author, speaker and industry expert, Sharon Natoli. Sharon was a founding director of Food and Nutrition Australia back in 1997. She has qualifications in nutrition and business marketing and has worked with a range of clients – both big and small – over the last 25 years. She also maintains regular contact with individuals looking to change their eating habits. Her work revolves around preparing brands for the future by developing food centred values and leveraging these values to create a meaningful and genuine voice that facilitates trust and connection with consumers in the market. Today’s episode should really get you thinking about your brand, your customers and the changing landscape of the business of food. One to listen back to, for sure!

045 – Social Media Trends and Best Practices for Food Brands in 2019 with Alison Battisby from Avocado Social

Social media is probably something you use every day as an individual. But social media for business is a completely different story. Adopting the brand voice and tone can be challenging. There’s also so many different platforms, channels, strategies and tactics you could use that it can be tricky to know where to start. Fortunately we’re joined by social media expert and founder of Avocado Social, Alison Battisby in this episode. She sheds some light on the hottest trends for social media in 2019 and some best practices to help you get the most from your social activities this year.

044 – Getting Your Priorities Right for the Year Ahead with Guy Routledge and Kylie Ackers

I don’t know about you but we really struggle to look after ourselves. Eating right, exercising properly and getting enough sleep can be a real challenge when you’re focused on building your business. However, getting your personal priorities right is really important. If you’re not running optimally, how can your business be? In this bonus episode, join us for an informal chat about some of our struggles when it comes to work-life balance. We’re planning more of these kinds of episodes so do let us know if you enjoy this twist on the usual format.