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065 – Securing and Protecting a Retail Listing with Kevin Bath from JimJams

JimJams signature product is a chocolate spread with 83% less sugar than the leading brand. You’d think that something like this would be enough to secure a place on retailers’ shelves. But despite having a great product that solves a problem and tastes great, getting into supermarkets – and staying there – is a real challenge. Join us on the Good Foodies podcast this week to hear the JimJams story and how they’re diversifying their sales channels to grow the brand and business. You’ll also hear how JimJams founder, Kevin ended up on live TV in his pajamas.

064 – The Pros and Cons of Being an Introvert in Business with Guy Routledge and Kylie Ackers

Do you find you’re most content when spending time alone? Or do you crave crowds and love going out? If you prefer peace and quiet then chances are you’re an introvert. And sometimes that can feel like a disadvantage when it comes to running a business. I used to think that to be a business owner you have to be loud, brash, supremely confident and out-going. But that’s not the only way to be a leader or an entrepreneur. Running a business does take passion and energy. You will need to stand up for your ideas and communicate them clearly to your team and other groups of people. But your introverted nature doesn’t have to hold you back. Kylie and I are both introverts (and sometimes don’t leave the house or interact with other humans for days at a time!) but we’ve found ways to work with our tendencies and temperament and embrace the benefits of being quiet, reflective, analytical and sensitive. Join us in this bonus episode for an informal chat into the pros and cons of being an introvert in business.

063 – Building a Brand with Purpose with James Read from Giant Peach

What does it take to build a brand with purpose? Where do you start? How do you get to the essence of your message? And how do you communicate a creative way that gets the attention of your ideal customers? Learn the steps to take in this episode as we chat to the founder and creative director of Giant Peach, a full service digital agency based in Wiltshire. They help brands of all sorts across the board but their passion is working with those that are trying to make a difference in the world.

062 – All About Barcodes with Lorna Leaver & Claire Wintle from GS1

Have you ever wondered where barcodes come from? How they work? When they were invented? What all the lines and numbers mean? Us too. If you want to sell a food product – online or in the shops – you’ll need barcodes. In this episode we’ve gone straight to the source at GS1 UK. Listen now to learn everything you need to know about barcodes for food and how to set yourself on the right path from the beginning.

061 – Get More Done with Time Blocking with Guy Routledge and Kylie Ackers

Productivity and efficiency are the name of the game in this bonus episode. There’s always a lot to get done in your business and it often feels like there’s not enough hours in the day. But since there are a finite number of hours in the day and you no doubt have a long to-do list, what’s the best way to manage your time? One solution that works for us is time blocking. In this episode Kylie and Guy will talk through their approach to time blocking step by step. And in the show notes we’ve got some visual examples to give you a clearer picture of what we’re talking about. Do you have any top productivity tips? We’d love to hear them! Chat to us via FB Messenger or DM us on Instagram @saplingdigital.

060 – 0 to 1000 stockists in 18 Months with Dafna Bonas from Indie Bay Snacks

Do you dream of seeing your own products on the supermarket shelves? Well, in this episode Dafna Bonas, founder at Indie Bay Snacks will give you the step by step roadmap they used to go from zero to 1000 stockists in just 18 months. With a background in marketing and tech, the Indie Bay team set about solving a big problem in the snack category and have reinvented an old classic with exciting ingredients and an innovative twist. Learn the three core pillars of marketing and a four-stage expansion plan for getting your products into the stores and into the hands and mouths of customers up and down the country.

059 – Building and Selling a Food Business with John Stapleton from New Covent Garden and Little Dish

Do you have grand plans to start, grow, scale and sell your food business? Would you prefer more of a lifestyle business? Regardless of your goals, John Stapleton has some great advice for you. John started New Covent Garden Soup in 1987. He started Glencoe Foods in 1997 (pretty much the same business as New Covent Garden, but in the United States). He then started his third business, Little Dish, in 2006. Two out of the three were successfully built and sold – Little Dish sold for £17 million in 2017! Over the last 30 years John has learned to embrace adversity, have the courage of his convictions, learn from failure and the power of authenticity. And that’s exactly what we talk about in this episode.

058 – Building a Food Brand Alongside a Full Time Career with Will Breakey from Dr. Will’s

Will Breakey has one of the most genius and bizarre job titles in the world: “co-founder of Dr. Will’s and Reconstructive Surgeon”. It’s common for startup founders to have another job to cover their bills whilst building their business but it’s not a topic that’s often discussed in the entrepreneurship world. It’s almost seen as a negative or mark of not yet being successful enough to ditch the day job. We think these topics are important so today Dr. Will joins us to share his story, his passions and the vision for his company.

057 – How to Make Your Food Business More Efficient and More Profitable with Kylie Ackers and Guy Routledge

Would you like your business to run more efficiently? Would you like to be more profitable? Would you like to take the occasional day off, go on holiday or have a break from the business and stress of running your own business? I’m sure you would. It can be hard to take time off or make things run smoothly without structure and focus in your business. In this episode Kylie rants about one of the topics she’s most passionate about and will show you how to make your food business more efficient and ultimately more profitable. While there’s no formal Resource of the Week this week, we do have something special for you. In the run up to our next enrolment period for our Food Founders Blueprint programme – the step by step marketing system for food startups – we’ve released a free video series all about bringing structure and focus to your business. In The Digital Food Revolution series you’ll learn one of the biggest mistakes that might be keeping you stuck, a 5-step plan for growth and a simple strategy for connecting all the pieces of your digital marketing together. Sign up for FREE and watch the whole 3-part series now at

056 – Overcoming Food Startup Superhero Syndrome with Guy Routledge and Kylie Ackers

Are you a superhero? Do you wear a cape and fight crime? No, that’s not the kind of superhero we’re talking about. Do you think you have to do everything in your business because you’re the only one who knows what needs to be done and how to do it the best? That’s Superhero Syndrome. And it’s not a good thing. As entrepreneurs we dream of big things but in the early days it’s often just you - or you and a co-founder - doing everything. To get ahead we think we have to do more and more and what ends up happening is inevitable burnout. In this bonus episode Kylie and I talk about our challenges with Superhero Syndrome and three ways to tackle it.