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071 – The Challenges of Scaling a Drinks Brand with Duncan O’Brien from Dalston’s Soda

When starting a food or drink business the job description is “do whatever it takes”. Dalston’s Soda started in an East London nightclub on a payday loan. Over the years they’ve navigated their way through a number of challenges to scale up whilst maintaining a craft approach and focus on quality. By using top quality ingredients and adding nothing weird or nasty, they've created a range of soft drinks that taste like real fruit. And with sustainability at their core and no plastic in sight, they're doing their part for the planet too. Listen now for the full story from Dalston's founder, Duncan O’Brien.

070 – Finding Commercial Kitchen Space that Doesn’t Break the Bank with Charlie Jones from Kitchup

Your food business is growing and it’s time to scale up – particularly if you’ve run out of space on your kitchen table and you need more space! Finding kitchen space is a real challenge but this week’s guest has a wonderfully simple solution. Kitchup can be thought of as airbnb for commercial kitchen space. They help startups, brands, caterers and others find affordable kitchen space that can be rented by the hour, day, week or month. To find out everything you need to know about what Kitchup do and how you can take advantage of their service, tune in to this week’s bite-sized episode with Kitchup founder, Charlie Jones.

069 – From a £10 Website to a £10M Paleo Bar Business with Suzie Walker from Primal Pantry

I’ve yet to meet a food entrepreneur that’s had a smooth ride on their business journey but today we’ve got a story that’s full of ups and downs. Primal Pantry was started on a credit card. They experienced explosive growth in the early stages but struggled to produce enough product to meet demand. They had numerous cash flow issues and ran out of money on multiple occasions. But the story has a much more positive ending! Learn how Suzie Walker went from a £10 website to a paleo brand worth £10 M in 6 years.

068 – Pioneering a Plant-Based Movement with Paul Brown from BOL

BOL produce a selection of fresh, healthy food for a number of eating occasions. They’re pioneering a plant-based movement and are on a mission to “sex up veg”. Their initial concept was born inside Fruit Towers at innocent drinks and after successfully launching BOL in 2015 Paul and his team built the business to 10M in just two years. But in 2017 Paul made a huge decision which literally halved their business overnight. And he says it’s the best decision he ever made. Tune in to this episode for the full story.

067 – Is Social Media a Waste of Time with Guy Routledge and Kylie Ackers

A few weeks ago LUSH UK made an announcement that they would be shutting down their social media accounts. This caused quite a stir in the social media and marketing world and prompted much debate at Sapling HQ. Join Kylie and Guy in this solo episode where we look at both sides of the question “is social media a waste of time?”. We’d love to get your input too. What do you use social media for? Do you find it effective? Does it provide a good return on your time, effort and money invested? We’d love to get your input too. Chat to us on FB Messenger or get in touch via Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn to share your thoughts. (Yes, we’re still on social so you can still reach us that way!)

066 – Baobab: The Billion Dollar Opportunity for Africa with Andrew Hunt from Aduna

From a career in advertising to clinical depression to a life-changing trip to Africa. This is just the beginning of the story from Aduna co-founder Andrew Hunt. What happened next is a truly inspiring journey of building a social enterprise and unlocking a huge opportunity for rural households in some of the poorest parts of Africa. Aduna makes a range of superfruit powders, teas and energy bars. They include ingredients such as cacao, tumeric and hibiscus as well as lesser known superfoods baobab, moringa, and fonio. These ingredients come from The Tree of Life (baobab), The Miracle Tree (moringa) and the Seed of the Universe (fonio). They have the potential to unlock a huge opportunity for the people of Africa. And that’s Aduna’s mission: to create sustainable incomes for rural African households by making these unknown ingredients famous. Tune in to hear Andrew’s incredible story and the inspiring work that Aduna are doing with communities in some of the poorest parts of rural Africa

065 – Securing and Protecting a Retail Listing with Kevin Bath from JimJams

JimJams signature product is a chocolate spread with 83% less sugar than the leading brand. You’d think that something like this would be enough to secure a place on retailers’ shelves. But despite having a great product that solves a problem and tastes great, getting into supermarkets – and staying there – is a real challenge. Join us on the Good Foodies podcast this week to hear the JimJams story and how they’re diversifying their sales channels to grow the brand and business. You’ll also hear how JimJams founder, Kevin ended up on live TV in his pajamas.

064 – The Pros and Cons of Being an Introvert in Business with Guy Routledge and Kylie Ackers

Do you find you’re most content when spending time alone? Or do you crave crowds and love going out? If you prefer peace and quiet then chances are you’re an introvert. And sometimes that can feel like a disadvantage when it comes to running a business. I used to think that to be a business owner you have to be loud, brash, supremely confident and out-going. But that’s not the only way to be a leader or an entrepreneur. Running a business does take passion and energy. You will need to stand up for your ideas and communicate them clearly to your team and other groups of people. But your introverted nature doesn’t have to hold you back. Kylie and I are both introverts (and sometimes don’t leave the house or interact with other humans for days at a time!) but we’ve found ways to work with our tendencies and temperament and embrace the benefits of being quiet, reflective, analytical and sensitive. Join us in this bonus episode for an informal chat into the pros and cons of being an introvert in business.

063 – Building a Brand with Purpose with James Read from Giant Peach

What does it take to build a brand with purpose? Where do you start? How do you get to the essence of your message? And how do you communicate a creative way that gets the attention of your ideal customers? Learn the steps to take in this episode as we chat to the founder and creative director of Giant Peach, a full service digital agency based in Wiltshire. They help brands of all sorts across the board but their passion is working with those that are trying to make a difference in the world.

062 – All About Barcodes with Lorna Leaver & Claire Wintle from GS1

Have you ever wondered where barcodes come from? How they work? When they were invented? What all the lines and numbers mean? Us too. If you want to sell a food product – online or in the shops – you’ll need barcodes. In this episode we’ve gone straight to the source at GS1 UK. Listen now to learn everything you need to know about barcodes for food and how to set yourself on the right path from the beginning.