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Ellie Phoebe-Brown is the founder of Kinda Co, an artisan, dairy free cheese brand based in London.

She used to run a popular food blog called “Kind State of Mind” which was all about helping people make great tasting vegan food. One of the biggest challenges of going vegan is finding a good alternative to cheese. After much experimenting, Kinda Co. was born.

They produce a range of dairy free cheeses with some really interesting styles and flavours. They also run supper clubs and cooking classes teaching others how to live a life after cheese. In this episode we talk all about vegan “cheese”, experience marketing and scaling an artisan food product.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • How Kinda Co. was born
  • How much dairy free cheese you can make in a 1 bedroom flat
  • Why it’s so hard to make dairy free cheese
  • How to push yourself to take your startup business seriously in the early days
  • The pros and cons of selling at market stalls
  • What experience marketing is and why it’s ideal for food brands
  • What to consider when scaling an artisan food brand

Notes and Links

Learn more about Kinda Co. on their website

Made in Hackney where Ellie runs her Life After Cheese event

Ellie’s blog Kind State of Mind

Bread & Jam events

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