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Food waste is a huge issue and it’s something we talk about a lot on this show. Today we’re joined by David Jackson, the head of marketing for Winnow. They have an AI tech solution to reducing food waste in commercial kitchens and it’s now faster and more accurate than humans when it comes to recognising and recording food as it’s thrown away.

Winnow have created a wonderfully simple solution to a complex problem. They’ve essentially put a supercomputer into everyday commercial kitchens in restaurants, hotels, cruise ships and other kitchens to collect data about food that’s wasted – for a whole variety of reasons. The kitchen teams can then use this data to make better business decisions, save money and save the planet.

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In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • The scale of the food waste problem
  • How much food is wasted in commercial kitchens
  • The importance of data in making business decisions
  • The opportunity for reducing food waste – for business and the environment
  • How Winnow’s AI technology works to reduce food waste
  • How to make complex ideas simple and approachable
  • Why empathy for your customers should be at the heart of your strategy

Notes and Links

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