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Down a doggy looking alleyway and under a railway bridge in East London you’ll find Renegade Winery. This urban winery makes some fantastic wine in unconventional ways. They use local grapes and those from further afield and are always experimenting with different production methods, design and packaging.

We love trying new things on this show and celebrating brands and entrepreneurs who are doing something different and innovative. Wine made in London? I jumped at the chance to pay founder Warwick Smith a visit to see (and sample) their wines first hand.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • All about urban wine and winemaking
  • That growing grapes and making wine are often done separately
  • How many urban wineries there are in London (spoiler: it’s not just this one!)
  • The challenges of the wine industry compared to craft beer or spirits
  • How the goal and purpose of the business has changed over time
  • What an aromatised wine based drink is
  • The entrepreneur journey from working in the city to working under a bridge

Notes and Links

Learn more about Renegade on their website and visit the winery.

For more wine discussions, have a listen to our episode with Unwind in Tooting.

Resource of the Week

Vivino app – find, rate, review and buy the best wines.

If you have a wine collection, the Cellar feature is particularly useful for keeping track of everything you own.