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The food industry is an exciting place to be these days. There’s so much innovation, technology, data and all sorts of exciting products coming to market. Keeping up with all the trends is a full time job so we’ve gone straight to the cutting edge of industry news and insights.

Julia Glotz is the managing editor of The Grocer, an FMCG trade publication based in the UK. The magazine has been around for almost 160 years and they have a growing digital offering too. Tune in to this week’s episode to get ahead of the trends, find out what’s hot in food and drink and a discussion of the looming challenges and uncertainty that Brexit will bring.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • A little bit of history about The Grocer publication
  • How The Grocer uses data to spot trends and deliver industry insights
  • The biggest trends in food and drink right now
  • The number one trending health claim right now
  • What happens when trends go wrong – particularly with claims on pack
  • Why jumping on a trend is no guarantee of success

Notes and Links

Read or subscribe to The Grocer on their website.

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Resource of the Week

The Trim – a weekly newsletter by Julia with a roundup of all the great articles she’s reading