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Nix & Kix produce a range of adult soft drinks with a cayenne pepper kick. In 2014 co-founders Kerstin and Julia set out to create a brand with a difference to remove some of the stigma and boredom that surrounds soft drinks.

Breaking into the pub and bar scene with a non-alcoholic beverage has proved challenging so far but is still very much the end-goal. In the meantime you’ll find these delicious drinks in supermarkets, in canteens and internationally as export has become a big part of their growth strategy.

With zero food and drink experience Kerstin and Julia had to take a “just in time” approach to starting and growing the business. Tune in to this episode to hear the full entrepreneur story.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Where the idea for making a soft drink with added chilli came from
  • The challenges around getting a soft drink noticed in a pub or bar setting
  • The best places to be from a brand awareness and discovery perspective
  • Which international markets are worth looking at due to their similarity with the UK
  • What to consider and research before exporting to new markets
  • Why it’s important to create one version of your product for all markets
  • The just in time, step by step approach Nix & Kix took in the early days

Notes and Links

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