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Content marketing is the most effective way to attract and engage customers whilst inviting them into your brand story.

It’s a very popular marketing approach – used by 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers – and it’s founded in providing valuable, inspirational or educational content for a targeted audience.

In a world where social media moves at lighting speed, content marketing allows you to go deeper and provide value to customers that serves them and you for the long term.

In this bonus episode Kylie and Guy talk about some of the what, why and how of content marketing and outline 5 simple steps for getting started.

And to learn more, watch our free video series: 5 Types of Content That Every Food Brand Needs.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • What content marketing is all about – spoiler: it’s not the promotion of your content!
  • Why it’s so important to know your customer before starting content marketing
  • 5 steps to get started

The 5 Steps to Getting Started with Content Marketing

  1. Know your audience, their values, interests, problems and desires
  2. Know what your brand stands for – your values, mission, tone and style
  3. Set the goal or intent for your content – are you trying to attract new customers, engage existing customers, drive referrals or sales?
  4. Set the scope for your content marketing project – will it be ongoing content (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) or just a specific number of content pieces
  5. Choose your primary content channel and medium – eg. written articles on your website or videos on YouTube

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