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When starting a food or drink business the job description is “do whatever it takes”.

Dalston’s Soda started in an East London nightclub on a payday loan. Over the years they’ve navigated their way through a number of challenges to scale up whilst maintaining a craft approach and focus on quality.

By using top quality ingredients and adding nothing weird or nasty, they’ve created a range of soft drinks that taste like real fruit. And with sustainability at their core and no plastic in sight, they’re doing their part for the planet too.

Listen now for the full story from Dalston’s founder, Duncan O’Brien.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Duncan’s food origin story from the Orient Express to a Mega Yacht
  • The 3 best pieces of advice that Duncan received in the early days of Dalston’s
  • The benefits of taking a “DIY or Die” approach
  • The challenges of outsourcing and scaling up
  • The importance of having a great product but why that’s not enough
  • Why simplicity wins from a marketing standpoint but doesn’t give the full picture
  • The most important issue when it comes to sustainability – spoiler: it’s not plastic

Notes and Links

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The Russet in Hackney Downs

Passing Clouds Nightclub

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Resource of the Week

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Bonus resource: How Bad Are Bananas – a great book explaining the carbon footprint of all sorts of everyday things