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I’ve yet to meet a food entrepreneur that’s had a smooth ride on their business journey but today we’ve got a story that’s full of ups and downs.

Primal Pantry was started on a credit card. They experienced explosive growth in the early stages but struggled to produce enough product to meet demand. They had numerous cash flow issues and ran out of money on multiple occasions.

But the story has a much more positive ending! Learn how Suzie Walker went from a £10 website to a paleo brand worth £10 M in 6 years.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • How Primal Pantry got started
  • The importance of having your manufacturer buy into you and your idea
  • The challenges of working with expensive ingredients
  • How to design a brand without any cash
  • The benefits of serving a small, niche audience
  • How to evaluate risk but do what you believe in
  • How to use international sales to fund domestic business
  • Where the true value of your business lies

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