Show Notes

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A few weeks ago LUSH UK made an announcement that they would be shutting down their social media accounts. This caused quite a stir in the social media and marketing world and prompted much debate at Sapling HQ. Join Kylie and Guy in this solo episode where we look at both sides of the question “is social media a waste of time?”.

We’d love to get your input too.

What do you use social media for? Do you find it effective? Does it provide a good return on your time, effort and money invested?

Chat to us on FB Messenger or get in touch via Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn to share your thoughts. (Yes, we’re still on social so you can still reach us that way!)

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Why LUSH UK are shutting down social media
  • The typical amount of traffic social media drives to websites
  • Our experience of pausing social media activities for over 6 months
  • Why you have to be intentional about social media and align it with your goals
  • The different ways we use social media personally and for business
  • The dark side of social media and influencer marketing
  • What we think social media is good for

Notes and Links

Lush announcement on Instagram

Wetherspoons also stop using social media

Humans now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish