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From a career in advertising to clinical depression to a life-changing trip to Africa. This is just the beginning of the story from Aduna co-founder Andrew Hunt. What happened next is a truly inspiring journey of building a social enterprise and unlocking a huge opportunity for rural households in some of the poorest parts of Africa.

Aduna makes a range of superfruit powders, teas and energy bars. They include ingredients such as cacao, tumeric and hibiscus as well as lesser known superfoods baobab, moringa, and fonio. These ingredients come from The Tree of Life (baobab), The Miracle Tree (moringa) and the Seed of the Universe (fonio). They have the potential to unlock a huge opportunity for the people of Africa. And that’s Aduna’s mission: to create sustainable incomes for rural African households by making these unknown ingredients famous.

Tune in to hear Andrew’s incredible story and the inspiring work that Aduna are doing with communities in some of the poorest parts of rural Africa.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • What baobab, moringa and fonio are
  • Why having a strong purpose is so important
  • Why aid doesn’t work
  • What the UN’s Great Green Wall is

The Social Impact of Baobab

Notes and Links

Learn more about Aduna and buy their products on their website.

More about the Aduna mission.

The Great Green Wall project

Did you know, more than 25% of the world’s botanical species originate from Africa yet less than 1% find their way onto the shelves of health and beauty retailers.

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