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JimJams signature product is a chocolate spread with 83% less sugar than the leading brand. You’d think that something like this would be enough to secure a place on retailers’ shelves. But despite having a great product that solves a problem and tastes great, getting into supermarkets – and staying there – is a real challenge.

Join us on the Good Foodies podcast this week to hear the JimJams story and how they’re diversifying their sales channels to grow the brand and business. You’ll also hear how JimJams founder, Kevin ended up on live TV in his pajamas.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • How JimJams started, grew and are now diversifying their sales channels
  • The crazy amount of sugar found in leading brands of chocolate spread
  • The natural sweetener that’s kindest to children’s teeth
  • The mindblowing amount the NHS spends on extracting children’s teeth every year
  • The “best way” to get your brand featured on the BBC
  • How to cope with being delisted by a major multiple

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