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Do you find you’re most content when spending time alone? Or do you crave crowds and love going out? If you prefer peace and quiet then chances are you’re an introvert. And sometimes that can feel like a disadvantage when it comes to running a business.

I used to think that to be a business owner you have to be loud, brash, supremely confident and outgoing. But that’s not the only way to be a leader or an entrepreneur.

Running a business does take passion and energy. You will need to stand up for your ideas and communicate them clearly to your team and other groups of people. But your introverted nature doesn’t have to hold you back. Kylie and I are both introverts (and sometimes don’t leave the house or interact with other humans for days at a time!) but we’ve found ways to work with our tendencies and temperament and embrace the benefits of being quiet, reflective, analytical and sensitive.

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In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • That being an introvert is not a disadvantage
  • The definition of introvert and extrovert
  • That it’s possible to have both introvert and extrovert tendencies
  • How to identify whether you’re an introvert or extrovert
  • How to work with your personality type rather than against it
  • The importance of self care and rest

Notes and Links

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Kylie’s personality type: INTJ

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