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Have you ever wondered where barcodes come from? How they work? When they were invented? What all the lines and numbers mean? Us too.

If you want to sell a food product – online or in the shops – you’ll need barcodes. In this episode we’ve gone straight to the source at GS1 UK. Listen now to learn everything you need to know about barcodes for food and how to set yourself on the right path from the beginning.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • What GS1 do and how they can help you
  • When barcodes were invented
  • How barcodes work
  • What barcodes do
  • How they’re priced
  • Why you should use GS1 rather than generating free barcodes online
  • How to test barcodes before printing your packaging
  • More than you ever thought you needed to know about barcodes!

Notes and Links

Learn more about GS1 UK on their website

Types of Barcodes – with pictures

Special Good Foodies Offer from GS1

Training offer – Usually £199, listener offer £99 using code YFPC19.

Check out the upcoming events and email [email protected] to book.

More GS1 Resources

PDF – Barcoding: Getting it right

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