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Do you have grand plans to start, grow, scale and sell your food business? Would you prefer more of a lifestyle business? Regardless of your goals, John Stapleton has some great advice for you.

John started New Covent Garden Soup in 1987. He started Glencoe Foods in 1997 (pretty much the same business as New Covent Garden, but in the United States). He then started his third business, Little Dish, in 2006. Two out of the three were successfully built and sold – Little Dish sold for £17 million in 2017!

Over the last 30 years John has learned to embrace adversity, have the courage of his convictions, learn from failure and the power of authenticity. And that’s exactly what we talk about in this episode.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • What “experts” thought about the idea of fresh soup in 1987
  • How to push forward with your idea no matter what people say
  • How to embrace and learn from failure
  • How to enjoy the journey of building your business rather than the end result
  • How to set your business up for sale from the beginning
  • What to consider when raising funds and giving away equity

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Resource of the Week

Built to Sell by John Warrillow

If you plan to build your business to sell it, you’ll need robust systems and processes so the business can run without your input. Built to Sell is the story of the owner of a design agency who wants to exit his business because it’s become a drain on his life and the spark has gone. But first he needs to create a business that can run on systems rather than people. It’s well worth a read / listen.