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Will Breakey has one of the most genius and bizarre job titles in the world: “co-founder of Dr. Will’s and Reconstructive Surgeon”. It’s common for startup founders to have another job to cover their bills whilst building their business but it’s not a topic that’s often discussed in the entrepreneurship world. It’s almost seen as a negative or mark of not yet being successful enough to ditch the day job.

We think these topics are important so today Dr. Will joins us to share his story, his passions and the vision for his company.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • How Dr. Wills are “unprocessing” processed food
  • The terrible ideas that Will and his business partners came up with before settling on condiments
  • The shocking amount of sugar you’ll find in leading brands of ketchup
  • Why building a food business and having a career aren’t mutually exclusive
  • How to work together as a team with multiple co-founders in different locations

Notes and Links

Learn more about Dr. Wills and buy their products on their website

Resource of the Week

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