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Would you like your business to run more efficiently? Would you like to be more profitable? Would you like to take the occasional day off, go on holiday or have a break from the business and stress of running your own business? I’m sure you would.

It can be hard to take time off or make things run smoothly without structure and focus in your business. In this episode Kylie rants about one of the topics she’s most passionate about and will show you how to make your food business more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

While there’s no formal Resource of the Week this week, we do have something special for you. In the run up to our next enrolment period for our Food Founders Blueprint programme – the step by step marketing system for food startups – we’ve released a free video series all about bringing structure and focus to your business. In The Digital Food Revolution series you’ll learn one of the biggest mistakes that might be keeping you stuck, a 5-step plan for growth and a simple strategy for connecting all the pieces of your digital marketing together.

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In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • How Guy’s way is rubbish
  • How Kylie’s way is brilliant
  • The classic problem faced by most creative entrepreneurs
  • How large corporations are surprisingly similar to startups
  • How to streamline your business for more efficiency

Notes and Links

How to Start Almost Anything episode of Good Foodies

Resource of the Week

The Digital Food Revolution

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