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Two topics you’d rarely see together are chocolate and mental health. But today we’re talking to Charlie Claydon from the Well Bean Company and that’s exactly what’s on the menu. Charlie has a history of mental health challenges and set out to create a brand that makes a difference.

In just three years he’s scaled the business up from very humble beginnings and now has his own manufacturing space (yes, his name Charlie and he has a Chocolate Factory!). This rapid growth is all in service of a mission to become mental wellbeing champions and bring about positive change through the chocolate they make. It’s a hugely inspiring story and such an important topic to spread the word about.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • How Charlie started making chocolate in a garden shed
  • How he found the perfect commercial space to build his Chocolate Factory
  • Charlie’s mental health story and how chocolate is making a difference
  • The importance of working with partners to realise your vision
  • How to keep your finances organised and on track

Notes and Links

Learn more about The Well Bean Co. on their website
The Well Bean Co. shed where it all started
Listen to another interview with a brand that started in a shed: Pip & Nut
Bow Arts – artist studios in London

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