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How do you scale a food business? Chris Green from Young Foodies has a background in FMCG operations and has a passion for making small brands mighty. If you have big plans to scale your startup into retail this is the episode for you.

Operations, systems, and processes are not usually considered the sexy side of running a business. But they’re critical. Without the right systems in place scaling up is almost impossible and – and I like to say – you can end upscaling “a bucket of holes”. Young Foodies have created a thriving community and suite of business tools and services designed to help food brands become mighty and you’ll hear all about them in this great interview.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • What Young Foodies do and why
  • The biggest challenges facing startup and scaleup food brands
  • The number one mistake that young companies make when growing their business
  • How the landscape of retail has changed and how ambitious startups can take advantage of this
  • Tips and hacks for dealing with the mindset shifts needed when moving from employee to entrepreneur
  • How to create thinking time and a framework for solving problems in your business

Notes and Links

Learn more about Young Foodies on their website
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