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What started as the foodies answer to mail order DVD rental is now an eCommerce and retail giant. Graze are challenging the negative perceptions around snacking and have created an incredible brand and range of products. But it wasn’t always an easy ride. In this episode, you’ll hear from Graze CEO, Anthony Fletcher about their bumpy start as well as their successes.

We’re huge proponents of selling online and using data and performance marketing to understand and engage with your customers and this is echoed by Anthony. Graze’s whole business embraces technology – from manufacturing to product development to customer feedback. There’s so many nuggets of wisdom in this episode and if you want to build a brand that people love, this is definitely worth a listen.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • The Graze origin story
  • How the rules of the food business game have changed
  • How big brands make just as many mistakes as small businesses
  • A unique, scientific approach to product development
  • How Graze approached their recent rebrand
  • The importance of starting online instead of going straight into supermarkets

Notes and Links

Learn more about Graze on their website.

We didn’t chat about it on the show (because there was too much to cover!) but Graze are also giving back. Learn about the Graze School of Farming on the Graze blog.

Get free healthy snacks with our discount code: KYLIEA2WP. You’ll get your 1st, 5th and 10th box for free and we get £1.

Resource of the Week

The Food Startup Marketing Toolkit an in-depth guide to help you set a strong foundation for your marketing activities. We’ll walk you through one big-picture strategy, two channels and three must-have tools for growing your business.