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How would you like to get your products in front of 300 millions active users? Amazon is the world’s biggest online store and today we’re talking about how to get started selling on Amazon.

Our guest is Stewart Woolston from the Chilli Mash Company. They sell a range of chilli sauces and vegan products on a range of different platforms but they because a number 1 best seller in their category on Amazon at Christmas 2017. Who better to talk to about getting started with selling on Amazon?

Chilli Mash Co. don’t just make sauces to sell, they teach food producers how best to scale up their manufacturing. They’ve done the R&D, worked out the kinks, learned by taking action and are now sharing their knowledge with you. This is an episode not to be missed!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • How to get started selling on Amazon
  • The benefits of selling online, on Amazon, on eBay and other platforms
  • The challenges and hurdles to overcome when selling on Amazon
  • How to use online channels strategically to learn about your customers
  • How to put yourself in the mind of your customer and position your product correctly

Notes and Links

One Stop Chilli Shop
Buy from Chilli Mash Co. on Amazon

Resource of the Week

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