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Crowdfunding is a hugely popular way to raise money for your business. But where do you start? What does a successful campaign look like and what are investors looking for? To find the answers we’ve gone straight to the source.

Scott Simpkin is a specialist in funding for food and beverage businesses at Seedrs. He’s a two-time entrepreneur in the food tech space and has a passion for food and brands with purpose. Tune in to learn how to crowdfund your business and achieve your goals in 2019.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • The difference between rewards-based crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding
  • The 3 elements that form the core of a successful campaign
  • What investors are looking for in the brands and entrepreneurs they invest in
  • The importance of having a goal and a purpose for raising money
  • How to get started with crowdfunding
  • The importance of building an audience before you start to raise money
  • How Seedrs help brands set up their campaigns for success and take care of all the technical details
  • Some of the key selection criteria for working with Seedrs

Notes and Links

Learn more about Seedrs on their website.
Access the Seedrs learning resources and guides
Listen to Episode 013 with Oddbox, a Seedrs success story

Resource of the Week

Graphic River – a great place to find affordable, great looking templates for creating your funding pitch deck. This site is part of the Envato network who offer website design templates, royalty free video and audio files and much more for all sorts of creative projects.