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Sometimes it can feel like your food business is running you rather than you running your business. It’s important to make the time to rest, reflect and recharge.

With Christmas just around the corner, what better time to talk about taking a break? Join Kylie and Guy for a chat about taking some down time and planning your year ahead to make time for rest and reflection.

In the spirit of taking a break, the Good Foodies podcast will be taking two weeks off. Join us again in the New Year for a revamped format, more educational and actionable episodes and some fancy new artwork. We’ll be kicking things off in the New Year on January 7th with an epic guide to Crowdfunding with Scott Simpkin from Seedrs. Chat to you soon and Merry Christmas!

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In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Why rest is so important
  • A simple process for planning rest into your busy schedule
  • How to make time for goal setting and visioning
  • How to make time for what’s important in your life and business
  • The concept of active resting and why rest doesn’t mean vegging out on the sofa
  • How to run your business, rather than letting your business run you

Notes and Links

Win the Mostly Foodie Days of 2019 Calendar perfect for planning your social media activities
Rest book by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
RescueTime app for tracking which apps and websites you use

Resource of the Week

Headspace a free app to help you get some headspace and switch off from all the hustle and bustle around you. There’s a free trial offering guided meditation for 10 minutes per day for 10 days.