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Native Snacks are a new brand with some exciting stories to tell. Co-founders Charlie and Darcy have been travelling the world to bring their tribe perfectly natural, new and exciting plant-based snacks. Their first stop was India where source and manufacture a range of popped lotus seeds – a bit like popcorn, but with an interesting twist.

In addition to overcoming the challenges of sourcing and manufacturing overseas, the Native Snacks team believe in food for good. They work with the farmers who grow and harvest their lotus seeds to make sure they get something back from the people who snack on them.

What’s most impressive about this new challenger brand? They haven’t even launched yet! But they’re using the power of storytelling to build a brand and become known so they can launch with a bang and make an impact. Whether you’ve launched your brand or not, this episode is full of great tips and advice that you won’t want to miss!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • How to use storytelling to build a tribe before you launch
  • How to approach marketing your products before they even exist
  • The staggering growth and market opportunity in plant based snacking
  • What popped lotus seeds are and how they’re made
  • The challenges of building a supply chain overseas
  • What modern consumers expect from the brands they buy
  • The importance of having complimenting skill sets in your team

Notes and Links

Learn more about Native Snacks on their website
The Bihar Development Foundation UK

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