036 – Buy One Give One with Mary Lynch from Onist Food

Mary Lynch is a qualified nutritionist and passionate about good honest food. She used to work with Jamie Oliver’s and during her time working with him she was inspired to start her own social enterprise. Onist make vegan avocado choc pots in a range of flavours. For every pot sold, Onist give a meal to a child in Gambia.

Tune in to this bitesize episode to hear Mary’s inspiring story and pick up some health and nutrition tips too!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • The rules and regulations about making health claims on pack
  • The most important ingredients we rarely get enough of in our diet
  • The changing trends and move towards meat reduction, plant-based and veganism
  • How to choose the right wording when describing your products
  • The power of backing a charity with a commercial business
  • The importance of work life balance when running a small nimble business

Notes and Links

To buy online and watch the charity video, head to the Onist Food website

Read the Onist story on The Food Rush

Jamie Oliver Foundation