033 – Making Packaging Disappear with Pierre Paslier from Skipping Rocks Lab and Ohoo

What do you get when you cross a mechanical engineer, an architect and 900 investors? Something incredible and groundbreaking. Pierre Paslier is the co-founder of Skipping Rocks Lab, a London based startup that are solving the problem of single use, flexible packaging with Ohoo.

Ohoo is a flexible sachet used to package liquids from water to alcohol and condiments to cosmetics. They’re on a mission to reduce plastic waste and are taking the startup world by storm. Tune in to hear this inspiring story and tips for capturing the hearts and minds of consumers and investors with crowdfunding.

In this episode you’ll learn

  • The importance of solving a real problem that people can clearly understand
  • How to look to the past for answers to innovation solutions for the future
  • How to create products that fit seamlessly into everyday human behaviour
  • How to capture the hearts and minds of customers and investors
  • How to get the help and support you need from experts and investors
  • A handy resource for running a successful crowdfunding campaign

Notes and Links

Skipping Rocks Lab, creators of Ohoo

Ohoo on Twitter

Ohoo on Instagram

Read more about edible packaging including an edible water bottle, edible packaging and edible cutlery on The Food Rush.

Resource of the Week: Kickstarter Creator handbook and Kickstarter Campus community