A Proven Process for Designing Your Digital Strategy

To design your personalised digital marketing strategy, we’ve developed a flexible, six-module framework. It’s designed to deliver tailored results in a predictable way.

We call it the Foundation Framework because it’s key to building a solid base for all your marketing activities.

1. Objective
Clear, measurable, time bound goals
2. Audience
Data driven research and insights
3. Offer
A well crafted offer for your target customer
4. Creative
A creative concept and content strategy
5. Channels
A distribution strategy that puts you in the right place at the right time
6. Data
Metrics, benchmarks, KPIs and reports to guide future decision making

We’ll work with you over a 3 month period to develop your tailored digital marketing strategy. For startups and smaller businesses, we offer a 4-6 week Foundation Lite product.

Foundation Lite

For early-stage and small businesses, we offer a stripped down version of the framework. Startups change and pivot often – especially in the early days – so a 3 month engagement is too long and often too expensive.

Foundation Lite is a flexible 4 week programme that covers the same 6 modules as above. We will offer support via weekly calls and access to a private Slack channel.

Adjusting the Recipe

Your business is unique and you have specific goals, challenges and available resources. Depending on your needs, we’ll adjust how much attention is given to each module of the Foundation Framework.

Looking to attract more customers? We’ll put more focus on Audience, Content and Distribution. Want to increase sales? We’ll spend more time analysing Data and refining your Offer.

Partners, Not Clients

We work with partners, not for clients. We believe that building relationships and working together is the secret ingredient to doing great work.

Working With Us

We’ll start with a Discovery Workshop split over two half days. Here we’ll get to know you and your business intimately. We’ll get together in person to assess your existing strategy, assets and resources. From there we’ll produce a report and propose a tailored version of our Foundation Framework, designed to focus on the areas you most need help with.

During the consultancy phase, we’ll work through each stage of the framework together via weekly calls. At the conclusion of this phase we’ll deliver a Digital Strategy Pack along with an actionable Implementation Plan.

Once the plan is delivered we’ll provide support for as long as you need while you implement the plan. We’ll check in via a weekly call and provide unlimited email support during this phase. Throughout this period we’ll analyse the data gathered and recommend tweaks and adjustments as needed.

To get started, please take a moment to tell us about your project, pain points, or aspirations – we’re here to help!

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