Build Relationships with Email Marketing

Your customers are drawn to creativity, thoughtfulness, and things that leave a positive mark on the planet. That’s why they love your brand. Keep them up to date with emails that are just as creative and thoughtful as your products. Together we’ll produce emails that your fans can cherish like letters from a dear friend.

Looking to step up your email game? Get in touch and we’ll help you plan a strategy.

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Develop an Email Marketing Strategy

We’ll build an email strategy that builds real relationships with your customers and fans, from personalised communications to targeted offers. Your bespoke email strategy will focus on driving sales while fostering a deeper connection with your audience.

Integrate an Email Service Provider

Whether you’re talking mind-reading or email marketing, an ESP is a powerful thing. We’ll help you find the right email service provider for your brand and integrate it seamlessly into your existing system.

Design and Build Creative Templates

Your audience clicks through dozens of emails every day. In order to rise to the top, yours has to be the cream of the crop. A full repertoire of email templates lets you achieve that excellence every time.

We provide tailor-made templates that communicate clearly and handle every kind of content you want to share.

Grow Your Email List

Like most important ingredients, contacts are best served fresh. We’ll organise your existing lists, trim inactive addresses and collect valuable new contacts through honest, permission-based methods.

Your email list is a huge asset. We’ll give it the care and attention it deserves and watch it grow and thrive.

Send Campaigns Consistently

It’s easy to write a one-hit wonder of an email, but maintaining that streak involves planning as well as talent. We’ll create email campaigns that get you to platinum every time with cohesive style, catchy copy, and irresistible calls-to-action.

Deliver Transactional Emails Instantly

Don’t scrimp on emails that send your customers essential information such as receipts and account details — they’re a great way to deliver exceptional customer service.

We make these transactional emails work harder by reinforcing your brand and including calls-to-action where appropriate.

Automate Your Email Marketing

Haven’t you always wanted a robot intern? We’ll build you the next best thing: an email autoresponder series that sends the right message to the right person at the right time.

Your tireless automaton will keep your audience engaged while you’re busy elsewhere, doing all the work involved in running a successful brand.

Monitor Analytics and Produce Actionable Reports

Our powerful software allows us to track exactly how your audience engages with your emails. From open rates to click rates and interactions on your website.

If one approach doesn’t touch enough hearts, we’ll adapt on the fly until your email strategy reflects your audience’s behaviour and desires.

Want to step up your email game? Get in touch and we’ll help you plan a strategy.