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Selling online is the BEST way to take control of your sales, make higher margins and gather valuable data about customers. This will ultimately give you negotiating power over retailers and give you the best possible chance of winning a place on supermarket shelves.

Maybe you already sell products online. Maybe you’re still considering your options. This free, 3-part video series will point you in the right direction and outline the essential ingredients for an eCommerce website that works.

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Video 1

Take Control of Your Sales

Duration 17:34

Video 2

Attract Your Ideal Customers

Duration 19:28

Video 3

The Big Picture Strategy

Duration 19:28

In this series you’ll learn

  • Why eCommerce is a winning strategy for food startups
  • How building your online sales channel FIRST can give you more negotiating power with retailers
  • Whether selling online is the right decision for your business
  • How to choose the most suitable eCommerce platform
  • How to drive traffic and sales to your online store
  • Four core principles of marketing to help you promote your brand without feeling salesy
  • The number one mistake most food startups make when promoting their products
  • The big picture strategy for building a digitally empowered food business

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