Inspire Your Audience with Creative Content

Your audience is hungry for culinary content of all kinds, from healthy recipes and tasty tidbits of trivia to longform articles and practical how-to videos.

Through focused research and analytics, we’ll figure out exactly what your audience is in the mood for. We’ll cook up content that attracts your perfect customer and converts readers into devoted fans.

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Develop a Creative Content Marketing Strategy

Before we write a single word, we build a strategic framework calibrated to meet your goals. Strategy is to content marketing what mise en place is to a professional kitchen. Organised ingredients prevent mishaps in the heat of service, and a comprehensive strategy keeps everything in order through the rapid fire movements of digital marketing.

Get to Know Your Audience

It’s critical to know your target customer inside and out. Content marketing is all about providing value to attract customers, so you need intimate knowledge of their questions, concerns, interests and desires.

We’ll combine your ideas with market research to draw a detailed buyer persona, then create content that perfectly suits their needs and tastes.

Create a Content Calendar

Keeping organised and publishing consistently are the keys to effective content marketing. Your audience can only consume so much content at a time; throw it all at them at once and they’ll lose their appetites.

We help you serve up a varied selection of content morsels at the right moments, so your readers stay interested and hungry for more.

Write, Edit and Publish SEO-Friendly Content

Your potential customers want to find you just as much as you want to find them. The right keywords can light their way from the search bar to your virtual front door.

We catalogue the keywords that your target audience are searching for and incorporate them naturally into your content, forming footholds you can climb to the top of the search results.

Manage and Promote Your Content

You lavish care and attention on your products; the least we can do is provide an equal amount of care to your content.

We use a variety of platforms to share, promote and distribute content, increasing its likelihood of reaching the right people. As your library grows, we manage your archives and ensure that each piece gives you its maximum value.

Monitor Analytics and Produce Actionable Reports

Analytics take the guesswork out of content marketing. We track audience interaction in microscopic detail, from click counts to conversions. This data allows us to refine your marketing strategy and create content that evolves with your audience’s tastes.

Want to give it a try? Get in touch and tell us the story you want to share.