OddBox are a veg box scheme with a difference. They rescue wonky and surplus produce that would otherwise go to waste and deliver it to homes and offices across South London. We partnered with OddBox to create a featured series of multimedia content to raise awareness about the topic of food waste.

Project Goal

The aim of the project was to put OddBox at the centre of the conversation surrounding food waste and encourage people to eat wonky fruit and veg because there’s nothing wrong with it. The key message was: it looks different but it tastes exactly the same as “normal” produce.

The Creative Concept

We used a combination of visual storytelling and light-hearted animations to bring attention to a serious subject in an appealing and engaging way.

We produced a series of 10 pieces of sponsored content and 3 videos for distribution across The Food Rush website and social media channels.

  • 3 stop motion animations depicting wonky veg as different characters
  • 5 recipes for how to use up food waste at home
  • 1 product spotlight article about the Oddbox service
  • 1 educational piece about why food becomes waste
  • 1 think piece asking why does our produce need to look perfect
  • 1 photo story about growing, picking and grading fresh produce for supermarkets
  • 1 review of an Oddbox wonky veg supper club

From our content research and materials supplied by the client we also produced a series of food waste tips for them to use across their own channels.

The Results

The content performed well across all channels. The light-hearted, photo and video based content performed the best and received the majority of attention and social engagement. This is as we expected, but it was great to have our theory backed up by the data.

People Reached
Video Views
Social Engagements