Are You a Sapling?

Growing businesses need nurturing so they can put down deep roots, grow up and then branch out. We call these businesses “saplings”.

Like other saplings, you have a desire to do extraordinary things. You have a big vision. You want to make a real impact. You’re playing the long game and plan to weather the seasons.

We like that a lot. It’s why we named our business after ones like yours.

A Seed of an Idea

Food has always been a huge passion of mine. From a young age I used to sit on the kitchen countertop and watch my mum cooking all sorts of incredible dishes.

For years I dreamed of starting my own food business or opening a restaurant or a deli. But I always heard the same advice: DON’T DO IT!

Regardless, I was determined to find a way…

Growing Pains

Instead of starting a food business, I taught myself graphic design and computer programming. I worked with a range of creative agencies and built marketing websites and eCommerce stores for a number of well-known food brands.

While part of my food business dream had come true, I wanted to do more.

My wife and I co-founded The Food Rush, an online magazine about ethical and sustainable food. Despite our tech backgrounds, experience of working with big brands and online retailers, we realised that building and marketing a startup was a completely different story.

Putting Down Roots

Over the years we made many mistakes but learned a lot. Slowly but surely The Food Rush grew and we were able to help a number of ethical and sustainable food brands get valuable exposure to our community.

As our network grew we heard the same thing again and again: building a food business is HARD.

Many founders struggle with how to get started – particularly when it comes to sales and marketing. So, we set out to teach them what we had learned so they could sidestep the biggest mistakes and get started in the simplest, fastest and cheapest way possible.

Inspiring Entrepreneur Interviews

Training, Coaching & Community

Media Channel & Influencer Platform

Branching Out

As we’ve grown and matured, our goal has become simple: enable ambitious food entrepreneurs to grow so they can make a positive difference in the world.

We do this in three main ways:

  1. The Food Rush: a media channel and influencer platform to help food brands reach a community of passionate consumers
  2. Good Foodies: a weekly podcast featuring inspiring interviews with food entrepreneurs
  3. Food Founders Blueprint: our signature sales and marketing training programme for food startup founders

What started as a simple dream to work in food has become so much bigger and we’re honoured to work with so many incredible people every single day. But more than that, we’re excited to be playing a small part in creating a better future of food.

So, are you a sapling? Take a moment to tell us a bit about your business. We’d love to hear from you and see what we can create together.

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Our Promise to You

We will always…

Put the audience first
Treat you as a partner
Be honest, open, transparent and tell it like it is
Teach what we know
Never stop experimenting and learning
  • “The team at The Food Rush were very helpful and professional. They took care of everything from taking fantastic pictures of the drink to sending us data of people who opted in – something that no other website we collaborated with did!”
    Yasmina Taha, PlusOne Communications