We help food founders get more structure and focus in their business so they can build a tribe and make an impact

A Seed of an Idea

In September 2015 my wife Kylie and I started a side project called The Food Rush. We’ve always had a passion for food and sustainability and wanted to create something to help eco-conscious consumers eat and live more planet-friendly, and celebrate brands with strong ethical, sustainable and social values.

It took a lot of trial and error but eventually we found our tribe – the niche audience that shared our values. Our social followings and website traffic grew to over tens of thousands of users per month and we had the opportunity to partner with some amazing brands and businesses.

Eventually (a little too late if I’m being honest) we hired a small team to help us grow. And then quickly realised there was a big problem.

Growing Pains

We were working insanely long hours (alongside day jobs to keep enough money coming in) but didn’t have much to show for our efforts.

We were busy doing all sorts of things but weren’t working on the right things. We had no systems in place to manage the day to day. We didn’t have repeatable processes for our content production or other marketing activities. We were wasting a ton of energy and effort going round in circles.

Putting Down Strong Roots

So we built systems. We automated as much of the repeatable tasks as possible. We created planning spreadsheets, checklists, templates and reporting formulas. We documented our processes (that were previously just in our heads). We then handed these step-by-step processes over to our team to execute. They took away a lot of the busy work so we could spend more time as entrepreneurs, working on our vision.

We now believe more than ever that food and business can be used as a force for good.

We’ve made it our mission to help people live and eat more sustainably through our work on The Food Rush.

And through Sapling we teach food entrepreneurs everything we’ve learned about building an audience and running a business efficiently with systems and processes that work.

Doing Good in the World of Food

At Sapling we teach timeless marketing principles rather than doggy tactics with a short shelf life. But we don’t do it so you can become a marketing guru.

We do it because your vision, your mission and your desire to make a difference is important. And learning to build a tribe of devoted fans who share your values is the best way to spread your message and make positive change happen.

If you’re ready to grow your business, enrol in our Food Founder’s Blueprint programme.

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Are You a Sapling?

Growing businesses need nurturing so they can put down deep roots, grow up and then branch out. We call these businesses “saplings”.

Like other saplings, you have a desire to do extraordinary things. You have a big vision. You want to make a real impact. You’re playing the long game and plan to weather the seasons.

We like that a lot. It’s why we named our business after ones like yours.