We help purpose-driven food and drink brands bring their story to life, attract more customers and build a brand that people love.

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Good Foodies is a show all about good food and good business. Tune in each week for inspiring interviews with incredible food entrepreneurs and industry experts.

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Consultancy, strategy, production, promotion and online courses for purpose-driven food and drink businesses. Grow your business with great content for all your channels.

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Our online resource for consumers wanting to eat and live more sustainably. Partner with us for branded content opportunities and multi-channel promotions.

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Why We Do What We Do

There’s a growing movement of mindful consumers who want more from the brands they buy from.

The mindful consumer wants more than great tasting products. They want sustainable ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging. They want producers to be paid a fair price. They want to support brands that do good and give back. They want to buy from brands that align with their values and make them feel part of something bigger.

These are the brands that align with our values. And that’s why we started Sapling, Eco & Beyond and Good Foodies.

We started with a commitment to serve these purpose-driven brands and then worked out how our wide range of creative and operational skills could help them grow and scale.

By surrounding ourselves with food founders, food entrepreneurs and industry experts we kept hearing the same thing over and over again.

“We’ve got an amazing product, but not enough people know about us yet”.

We’ve made it our mission to help purpose-driven food and drink brands tell their story and find their tribe so they can increase brand awareness and hit their impact and revenue goals.

Our success comes from helping brands like yours succeed. It gives us the warm fuzzies and gives us a reason to get out of bed every day.

We love creating content. We love telling stories. We love writing, editing, taking photos and shooting video. We love teaching and we love helping people we believe in realise their vision.

If you’re ready to tell your brand story, schedule a strategy call.

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Guy Routledge
Creative Director
Loves dreaming, telling stories and making digital things. Cooks quite well. Eats quite a lot.
Kylie Ackers
Operations & Finance Director
Passionate about sustainability and being kind to the planet. Loves healthy snacks. And wine.

Are You a Sapling?

Growing businesses need nurturing so they can put down deep roots, grow up and then branch out. We call these businesses “saplings”.

Like other saplings, you have a desire to do extraordinary things. You have a big vision. You want to make a real impact. You’re playing the long game and plan to weather the seasons.

We like that a lot.

It’s why we named our business after ones like yours.