Building a brand means making a promise and delivering on that promise every day.

This is our story and our promise to you.

Are You a Sapling?

Growing businesses need nurturing so they can put down deep roots, grow up and then branch out. We call these businesses “saplings”.

Like other saplings, you have a desire to do extraordinary things. You have a big vision. You want to make a real impact. You’re playing the long game and plan to weather the seasons.

We like that a lot. It’s why we named our business after ones like yours.

A Seed of an Idea

Ever since Sapling was a tiny seed of an idea, we wanted to do things differently.

Our approach to digital marketing is straight to the point, no nonsense and practical. We hate that marketing has a bad name for being all fluff and no substance – or worse, misleading and sleazy.

Growing Pains

If your business is doing something good, you should want to shout about it! Marketing is something to be embraced. Spread your message. Find your tribe. Make a real impact.

That’s what we’re all about.

Putting Down Roots

We love food. We love ambitious brands. We love entrepreneurs that put people and the planet ahead of profit. We love teaching. We love geeking out about automation, data and tech. We love building systems and processes. We love working with people with strong values and big dreams.

Branching Out

Our dream is to create a global movement of people, brands and businesses working together to build a more ethical, sustainable and planet-friendly food system.

Our goal is to enable ambitious food and drink startups to grow and thrive so they can make a positive difference.

Our mission is to build a fast, effective and affordable programme of services and educational material to help food startups succeed.

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Supercharge Your Startup's Marketing

Our Promise to You

We will always…

Put the audience first
Treat you as a partner, not a client
Make everything look, feel and sound incredible
Be honest, open, transparent and tell it like it is
Teach what we know
Never stop experimenting and learning
  • “The team at The Food Rush were very helpful and professional. They took care of everything from taking fantastic pictures of the drink to sending us data of people who opted in – something that no other website we collaborated with did!”
    Yasmina Taha, PlusOne Communications