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Are you struggling to get your products in front of people?

  • Are you posting to social media but not seeing much engagement?
  • Does your website need a traffic boost?
  • Do you need more structure and focus in your business?
  • Do you have an email list but don’t know what to send them?
  • Are you overwhelmed by all the tools and tech?
  • Are you paralysed by what to do and where to start?

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We help food founders who care about good food and good business

Building a food business has many challenges. Especially in the early stages when you have lots of hats to wear and when time, money and resources are tight.

We’ve created simple plug-and-play processes to help you plan, execute, promote and measure the effectiveness of all your marketing activities so you can focus on what’s most important in your business.

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From Overworked Business Owner to Empowered Food Entrepreneur

Most food business owners struggle to get their products in front of enough of the right people.

You have a great product. But no one know about it. YET.

It can be overwhelming when there’s so many tactics, strategies and tools you could use. Chances are, you’ve been chasing lots of shiny objects but haven’t see much traction. You end up being an overworked, underpaid intern instead of the empowered entrepreneur you know you could be.

But there is an alternative.

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There’s a growing movement of passionate, mindful consumers who are hungry for products and brands – like yours – that align with their interests and values.

The challenge for most food founders is finding and connecting with those people.

You need compelling content to stand out in this highly competitive market. You need a simple process to help you plan, create, promote and measure the effectiveness of your content. And you need a support network to keep you on track and ensure you’re doing it right.

If you’re committed to building a food business with purpose, we can help.

We teach food founders how to use content to attract more customers so they can make more sales and build a brand that people love.

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Our Signature Training Programme

Training, coaching and community designed to take you by the hand and teach you how to attract more customers and make more sales with content that converts.
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The Good Foodies Podcast

Inspiring stories and lessons learned from food entrepreneurs that are making a difference in the world.
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  • I loved it, thanks! Guy was great, made everything clear & easy to understand. 10 / 10!

    General Assembly workshop student

  • Really love the practical nature of the content and it was well explained. Also the detailed slides are so useful!!

    General Assembly workshop student

Focus on Your Tribe

Get to know your ideal customers and put them at the centre of your brand.

Build Buzz

Engage your tribe through compelling content that inspires and drives sales.

Grow and Thrive

Convert casual browsers into engaged customers on autopilot.

Training, Coaching and Community for Food Founders

Learn to build a tribe of devoted fans.

Bring more structure and focus to your business.

Join a supportive community of your peers.

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  • Guy, your video series is f****** awesome. Thanks so much for putting it out there!

    Simon Carty, co-founder Amino Water

  • With their in-depth knowledge of the food industry, creativity and technical skills, the Sapling team helped us understand our audience better, improve our user experience and gain more customers. We have been recommending them to everyone in our network and will definitely work with them again.

    Deepak Ravindran, co-founder at Oddbox

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